Zeolite Water – The Most Powerful Detox Drink And Cure For Many Diseases

Zeolite is declared by the World Organization for Scientific mineral of the XX century, as possessing immense purifying and healing power.

Its qualities are used for years in the food industry, animal husbandry, plant industry, aerospace, medicine, etc. When placed in water, zeolite removes all harmful substances to man, and even radioactive contamination.

Its structure is such that it captures and throws accumulated toxins off of the human body. Zeolites can be found in health food stores.

  • Put 20 tablespoons of zeolite in a 5 liter tube/bottle of water, from which you drink.
  • Drink one glass in the morning 30 minutes before your breakfast.

Water should be mineral or spring, not chlorinated tap water. Zeolite is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body to remove at least 3-4 kg “dead weight” -- this is accumulated poisons and slag in our body.

Here is the link from where you can buy zeolite powder:
Zeolite Pure -- 400 gm powder,(ZEO Health Ltd)

It catches and throws all carcinogenic, radioactive elements and heavy metals substances off the body, and also eliminates ammonia and lactic acid from cells.

Thus zeolite reduces the risk of developing cancer cells. In addition it has filled the body with the necessary dose of potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium, silicon, chromium.

The beneficial qualities are almost unheard of -- it removes compounds harmful for the kidneys and gall bladder, normalize blood pressure, removes insomnia and stress, protects against ulcers, gastritis, colitis and problems with the cardiovascular system, reduces allergies, helps patients with diabetes, reduces the level of sugar in the blood, stimulates the immune system, heal nerve diseases, helps detoxification of the liver and stimulates peristalsis.