To Prove Face Masks Can’t Suffocate You This Guy Smoked A Cigar Then Ran 1 Kilometer Wearing 10 Face Masks

A YouTuber decided to prove to everyone that face masks cannot suffocate you. He smoked a cigar, and ran a kilometer wearing ten of them!

The coronavirus pandemic has been terrifying the world since the beginning of this year. Health professionals and governments have issued many measures to hopefully flatten the curve, and what most people found difficult to follow is the advice to wear face masks.

The internet is full of footages of people who refuse to wear them, and many claim they are ineffective and hazardous. Some add that they even cut off all oxygen supply.

Therefore, YouTuber Chikichu decided to prove them wrong. He wanted to demonstrate that one would not be suffocated even if he wore 10 face masks.

What’s more, he decided to run a kilometer while wearing them on the face!

He took his shirt off simply to show everyone that he is not some muscle-bound athlete. He is not a smoker, but by smoking a Black and Mild cigarette before running he wanted to prove that the masks will still not suffocate him.

Plus, the weather was at a scorching 102 F, and all the time, he had one hand behind his ear to prevent the masks from falling out. Yet, during all this time, he was at ease and had no difficulties to breathe, talk, and move.

Therefore, he did a pretty awesome job!

As a late twist, he even revealed that he was asthmatic, something that could have caused a problem in case these masks were indeed dangerous.

To sum up, wearing a face mask is the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself from the dangerous and fast-spreading virus. Your health is your responsibility, and as Chikichu says- act your age.

Think about yourself and your loved ones- and wear a mask.