Your Microwave Has Never Been This Clean! A Lemon Is All You Need! No Scrubbing!

All you of you who have a microwave at home know that it is often used, but its cleaning procedure is far from fun!

Although you keep scrubbing and scraping, it is just too hard to manage and clean all the mess inside, the spills and baked on splatters. No matter how long you can postpone its cleaning, at the end, it is your task and you just need to find a way and effectively clean it.

However, this will not be your nightmare anymore! Namely, we will reveal an easy and simple way to make the cleaning of the microwave an easy thing to do!

Moreover, our method does not the scrubbing and scrapping as previously, and you will definitely avoid the harmful effects of chemicals.

You will need some lemon juice, or vinegar, some water and a bowl. And here is the detailed explanation of the method:

You should squeeze some lemon juice (about 1/8 or 1/4 cup) in a small microwave bowl. Then, fill the bowl half way up with water. Also for best results, if your lemons are fresh, you can squeeze their juice but leave them in the bowl as well.

Then, place the bowl in your microwave and turn it on a higher temperature for 5 minutes. Then turn it off, but leave the bowl inside for a few more minutes, in order to enable the steam finish off its work.

Next, remove the bowl, but be cautious, as it is hot.

In the case your microwave has a spinning plate, you can take it out and remove it and wipe it thoroughly, and you will see that the grease is removed extremely easily.

If there is still some stubborn spot that has not been cleaned, you can either repeat the process, or leave a cloth soaked in the lemon solution for half a minute over it, and clean it afterwards.

The procedure we suggested will make the cleaning of your microwave extremely easy and quick routine! This cheap, natural and easy method will make your microwave shine like new!

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