Your Halloween Costume Will Never Top This Dog Who Went As A Mop

Every year and this one is not an exception, Halloween is the time when we all get creative. Yet, some people are simply genius!

Photos and video of the Hungarian puli’s stellar costume Keki have gone viral, deservedly, but have you seen them?

If you are not familiar with Hungarian pulis, these dogs look like large mops.

They are medium-sized, self-confident dogs that seem to get on very well with children particularly if brought up with them.

Black is the most usual color seen in the breed but there are also grey, white and a type of fawn color. The cords of these dogs fascinate people and make them look so distinctive.

People took pictures of this adorable puppy at the MainStrasse Paw-Rade — a Halloween parade for pets — in Covington, Kentucky, two years ago.

This idea of Keki’s owner, a veterinarian with All Creatures Animal Hospital, is so amazing, that no matter how perfect your costume is, cannot top it!

It is one thing to wear a costume, it’s another thing entirely to actually be the costume!

The best thing about this “Mop Dog” costume is the leisurely way she got to parade it about. Keki simply sat back and relaxed, nudged along by her owner, as her newly-adoring fans passed by.

According to “a source close to Keki”, she loved “the attention and petting” she got while in costume.

And we all love Keki in it!