You Will Never Throw Away Silica Gel Packs After You Read This!

Do you know those packs of silicone gel that you get when you purchase a new purse or shoes? They are intended to assimilate dampness. So don’t discard them, gather them and utilize them in the family unit.

Also here’s how to do that!



In the event that you drop your telephone in water it’s not all lost yet. Take it out of the water as quick as possible, then dismantle it and take out the card.

Put if between your gathered silicone gel packs and leave it there for a couple of days. Don’t charge it until you are certain that it’s totally dry in light of the fact that you could result in a short fuse and wreck your telephone.


In the event that you need to ensure old photographs, a diary or journal from your youth, simply put packs of silicone gel between the pages. They will keep them dry.


On the off chance that you or a relative gathers post stamps, old cash, pictures or napkins, keep them with a couple of silicone gel packs so you can make sure that dampness doesn’t decimate them.

Important Documents

The purchase agreements for your loft or auto, your introduction to the world declaration and other imperative records will be protected from dampness if put them beside a couple of packs of silicone gel.

Things in Boxes

Things that you don’t regularly utilize you can put as a part of cardboard or plastic boxes in the upper room. To shield them from dampness simply toss in a couple of packets.

Christmas Tree Decorations

You pull them out just once a year, so silicone gel packs will help amid whatever remains of the year.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks