You Want To Be Healthy – Apply Onion Coatings Onto The Feet

People have long used onion coatings in service of health. Some prefer applying such coatings to cleanse their blood, treat cold or flu, improve blood circulation or it could be just boosting their overall health.  Historical records explain that onion coatings have been applied since ancient times, when people had no other conventional remedy available.

Our ancestors have done well in preserving the instructions of this method, and today you can try it without leaving the comfort of your home. All you need is an onion, clean film, and warm, preferably woolen socks.


Slice the onion thinly and keep it aside until the slices release some of their juice. Apply the slices onto your feet, wrap some clean film around them and put on your favorite woolen socks. Wool helps a lot, because it keeps your feet warm. You need clean film because it will secure the onion slices onto your feet and prevent the strong onion odor through all around your home.

If your skin is too sensitive, coat the onion slices with some oily cream or any other natural oil. Apply the coatings in the evening, before you go to bed, because this technique works better at night when you do not move your feet a lot. Onions contain nutrient compounds that will go deeply through your skin into your bloodstream.

This miraculous technique will help you detoxify your blood, prevent stubborn colds, flu, bacterial or viral infections, stimulate your blood circulation and detoxify your organism.

For optimal results, try finding organic onions, because they are abundant in active compounds, known as lachrymators. The more lachrymators your onions have, the better they are.

Leave the coatings on overnight, and next morning remove them and rinse with cold water. Put on your woolen socks to warm your feet. This will boost your blood circulation, which is especially great for people who suffer from poor blood circulation and diabetes.

This home treatment does wonders to people who struggle with various health problems, but it can do good to healthy people as well. Every time you notice the first symptoms of cold, flu, fever throat or lung issues, consider trying this simple home treatment.

If you use it to relieve cold or flu, make sure you repeat it every night until your condition is completely improved. If you are more interested in its detoxifying powers, do the treatment once in a while.