You Use Apple Cider Vinegar But You Have Probably Never Heard Of This

There are benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) that you may already know about. However, there are some lesser-known ways to use a staple that people typically associate with cooking and food-related uses.
Treats Ear Infections, Soothes Rashes and Bug Bites
Did you think that something you keep in the kitchen can help with health and discomfort for your family? Well, ACV can help treat ear infections when mixed with equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. It can also be used to sooth rashes on the skin or persistently itchy bug bites. Again, dilute with water before treating.
Works as a Natural Deodorizer
The smell of Apple Cider Vinegar is something that everyone recognizes quickly. However, the benefit to having such a strong smell is that it can be used to counteract the odors left in furniture or carpets. Dilute the ACV with water and use in a spray bottle to help with a musty or smelly room.
Increases Energy and Helps Control Sugar Cravings
Drinking water with Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in has multiple benefits. Here, we will focus on two of those. One is that ACV tends to help increase energy when consumed in the small amount of two tablespoons to 16 ounces of water. It has potassium, maltic acid and acetic acid, all of which help the body to process fats better and thereby increase your energy level.
It also decreases sugar cravings, which is helpful for anyone hoping to lose weight. It is also very good for diabetics for this reason. One final benefit for those with regularity issues is it helps increase bathroom visits.
Disinfects Wounds
Most people tend to keep Hydrogen Peroxide around, particularly if your family is accident-prone or full of little ones that hit growth spurts and can’t control their newer, longer limbs. Scraped knees and gashes on the hand (or anywhere else) can be treated with ACV if you avoid Hydrogen Peroxide or have run out and not had time to restock.
Kills Weeds
Keeping the garden weed-free is always a challenge. However, pesticides can be a scary avenue to take when you need to get rid of those weeds but don’t want to hurt the family when the vegetables are consumed. ACV is a smart way to go to stay organic and still manage to get rid of those weeds efficiently.
Mix one part ACV with eight parts water and pour into spray bottles. Use over the entire area of the garden to be most effective, repeating application as necessary until weeds disappear. What is even better is once the vegetables are ripe and picked, you can use four tablespoons of water for each gallon of water to clean the veggies.
In addition to these lesser-known uses, there is the fact that your hair can benefit from the application of apple cider vinegar. It is truly a versatile and useful substance for multiple areas throughout the home. It does not need to be isolated to the kitchen and cooking use.