You Realize How Isolated You Have Been

Are you a loner? People who enjoy their own company, and tend to spend their days alone, are often misunderstood by others, and considered strange, anti-social, reserved, or outcasts.

Modern society praises extroverts, the ones that enjoy being in crowds, surrounded by a group of people. Many believe teamwork is the only way to success, and collaboration is the solution to any problem.

However, these beliefs undermine the power of solitude. Let’s clarify things, being alone is not the same as being lonely. Although solitude has almost become a lost art, it is one of the best ways to slow down a bit and become more observant.

People who enjoy time alone are in fact quite impressive, interesting and unique, and being alone can be highly beneficial for both, our physical and psychological wellbeing.

Here is how it can be good for your soul:

  • Time alone can boost your confidence, as it will remind you of your qualities
  • It will boost your independence
  • Away from everyday life, people talking, media, and all other distractions, the time spent alone will clear your mind
  • It will help you de-stress and relax, as you will think about things that are important to you, not to others
  • The time-off can boost your concentration, help you become more productive and stimulate you to start pursuing your dreams
  • It’s hard to remain focused on yourself when you are overwhelmed by so many stimuli. When alone, you have time to decide what is important in your life and establish your priorities

Matthew Bowker, a psychoanalytic political theorist at Medaille College, has researched solitude, and concluded that it is “more devalued than it has been in a long time.”

He notes:

“It’s a deeper internal process. It might take a little bit of work before it turns into a pleasant experience. But once it does it becomes maybe the most important relationship anybody ever has, the relationship you have with yourself.”