You Need to See How People Are Upcycling Their Trampolines into Bed Swings

Your trampoline may be upgraded, and your kids will love it even more. Trampolines are great, but you can actually use them in a different way.

This DIY trend works with trampolines of any kind and size. Turn your old trampoline into a swinging chair! Ken Wingard, OWN’s Home Made Simple designer has some simple instructions.

First, you have to remove the “legs.” All you need is its circular metal frame, mat and springs. Use pool noodles to pad the metal frame. Cover with some nice fabric and use spray glue to secure it, and then wrap ropes with high-tensile strength around the fame. Loop the rope and hang the swing from every angle, but make sure you leave some space for the opening.

Hang your swing on trees, pergolas or make your own frame! Simple as that

Decorate it with fancy pillows and blankets. That’s it.

If you are interested in making a bigger swing, use chain instead of rope to hang it. Hang it on a secure spot, and make sure it’s high enough off of the ground. Consider constructing a strong framework.