You Have Been Cooking Rice Wrong Your Whole Life, Do This When the Water Boils

Rice is easy to prepare, which is not the case of most grains. The body has no difficulties in digesting its starch, and rice yields are higher. However, same as other cereals, rice is not the healthiest option for your meals.
Eating too much rice causes weight gain and increases the risk of developing diabetes type 2.
White rice is especially dangerous. A cup of white rice has 200 calories, oftentimes empty or pure starch, without any notable amount of nutrients.
Luckily, scientists have revealed a simple trick that halves the number of calories and adds more nutrients to plain rice.
“We cooked rice as usual, only in the boiling water, before we put the rice, we add the coconut oil, about 3 percent of the weight of the rice. After it was over, we leave it in the fridge for about 12 hours, “explains Dr. Sudhair James.
What is actually happening?
Boiling makes starch easy to digest, so it is converted into glycogen and sugar, and later stored as fat. Any other cooking method different than this does not change rice, and the body cannot digest it properly.
“The addition of lipids (in this case coconut oil or other fat that serve a purpose) drastically reduces the proportion of easily digestible starch,” adds Dr. Pusparajah Thavarajah, explaining that oil actually changes the structure of starch. “Cooling helps reinforce the starch in its ‘heavier’ form, and rice remains less calorific and after being re-heated,” further explains Prof. Thavarajah.