You Have a Problem With Your Joints? Recipe from Lemon Peel for Joint Treatment

Lemons are extraordinary food, and offer numerous health benefits. They possess wide range of healing properties and can help us in case of different health issues, they positively affect the stomach, liver, as well as they strengthen our immune and cardiovascular system.

Lemons are extremely effective in preventing various diseases, including kidney stones, high blood pressure, flu, bronchitis etc.

Lemons are favorable in joint treatments as well, as a coating:


  • 2 lemons
  • Olive oil
  • 1 jar


Peel the lemons and place their peels in a jar. Then fill up the jar with olive oil, close it tight and keep it for 2 weeks. After that time period, put the mixture on gauze and apply it on the painful joint.

For best results, do this joint treatment before going to bed, so the coating will act overnight. Moreover, if impossible, place the gauze on the painful joint and lie still for 3-4 hours.