You Eat Them Every Day and They Destroy Your Teeth!

Dr. Sameer Patel, a dentist, has brought up teeth issues that may happen in case you devour certain foods. He additionally suggests some solutions to substitute foods that destroy your teeth.




Today you can find combinations of grains and muesli that contain added substances and 3 or more tablespoons of sugar in each serving. Indeed, even though producers claim their products to be an amazing option breakfast, actually they can awfully affect the strength of your teeth.


Consume cereals and dairy products, so as to lessen the effect sugar has on teeth soundness. Vitamin D and calcium found in dairy items are essential vitamins that reinforce your teeth.

Hot beverages


Tea or espresso can be terrible for the strength of your teeth in the event that you devour them in large amounts, and some black/dark spots could show up and your teeth could turn yellow.

If you consume these beverages consistently, you may deal with terrible breath and dehydration of your lips.


The most suitable solution for this is to rinse your mouth frequently with water to decrease the possibility of dehydration of your lips.



Snacks that contain dried organic product or popcorn, could be deadly for the strength of your teeth.

Despite the fact that sugars in dried natural products are regular, actually they do not differ from processed sugars once they end up in your mouth. Popcorn delivers solid acid in oral cavity that harms teeth.


Snacks with pear and apple contain more water. Furthermore, it is believed that each organic product that contains larger amounts of water releases fruit acid. Brush your teeth regularly to prevent the production of sediments caused by nourishment residue.

Note: Do not brush your teeth right after you have consumed fruits as they are too sensitive!