You Eat Coconut but You Have Probably Never Heard Of This

Those that are allergic to coconut are missing out on some pretty incredible benefits. Those that don’t have that particular allergy are able to reap the benefits of the taste of coconut on desserts and enjoy coconut cream pie, but there are actually some really amazing health benefits that come from using coconut oil.
You’ve probably never even heard of most of these remedies that use coconut oil, but people have been using them for centuries and it is just now that we’re starting to understand just how amazing coconut oil really is. Here are ten coconut oil benefits that you should be aware of.
Close up of halved coconuts

  1. It helps to heal tattoos apparently. Many tattoo artists use coconut oil as an ointment to heal tattoos because it allows the skin to retain moisture and helps it to heal without suffocating the tattoo.
  2. If you have hair that tends to frizz up, coconut oil may be the solution that you have been looking for. It both seals and moisturizes and so it keeps your hair from drying out and becoming frizzy.
  3. It is an amazing anti-inflammatory and can even relieve the pain from a sty, and keep the swelling down.
  4. Coconut oil has been shown to help treat yeast infections. It is deadly against fungus and when a yeast infection happens you can either apply it topically, or you can actually ingest it. Either way, the caprylic acid and lauric acid will help to treat and prevent yeast infections.
  5. It can help with headaches, particularly migraines because of the fatty acids that it contains. There haven’t been any studies on this as of yet, but there are thousands of health experts that swear by this for migraines.
  6. Coconut oil, even though it’s sweet, can actually be a treatment for bleeding gums and the pain that comes from that. If you brush your teeth with a little bit of coconut oil, you will have better dental health.
  7. This delicious fruit oil has lots and lots of good, healthy fatty acids so the claim by families who say that it has treated Alzheimer’s patients that they are living with could absolutely be true. Right now, there are a couple of research studies that are being set up to test it.
  8. This is also a great treatment if you happen to suffer from bug bites because it relieves the itchiness and inflammation and gets rid of the redness.
  9. Coconut oil is often used in sunscreen for good cause. You can’t use it by itself because you need a higher SPF than coconut oil provides but you can use it in conjunction with your sunscreen. It has a natural protectant and it smells great.
  10. Coconut oil is not only a terrific makeup primer without causing breakouts, it also is a wonderful makeup remover. If you have had problems taking off eye makeup and foundation that just seems to stick around or makeup removers that dry out the skin, you definitely should try coconut oil.