You Can Rent an Inflatable Irish Pub for Your Next Backyard Party

What would you say if we told you that now, the party can come to your backyard in the form of your favorite Irish Pub?

You read it well, as you can now rent an inflatable Irish pub, which can hold 80 people, and what’s more, it will be stocked with booze!

The Paddy Wagon Pub is a Boston-based business that will make your dream come true! When you hire them, you will get full service, the inflatable Irish pub, complete with booze, Irish food, and even traditional Irish music if you like.

The inflatable pub is the adult version of the bounce house, and you can stick it on a patch of grass or a driveway and you are almost set, as it doesn’t even need a floor.

There are many options available, including a 33-foot long blowup building!

The temporary pubs also come in various styles, and they will set you back about $435 for rent, and come with a bar counter, benches, and lights.

They can even be bought and shipped worldwide.

The pubs are incredibly cozy thanks to the numerous details, like the brick walls, the crackling fireplace, the simple chandeliers, and the wooden furniture.

The “burning” fireplace and lighting fixtures aren’t real but are just printed onto the walls of the inflatable structure, but the pub actually does have a real wooden bar and giant barrels for people to set their pints down on.

The company says that Boston is internationally recognized as the hub of the Irish American community, and pubs are the places where people gather for good conversation, lively music, traditional fare and the Irish experience of home.

Therefore, they will organize a perfect event, with a customized drink menu, ranging from locally made microbrews to eclectic craft brews, a wide range of culinary options and staff to tend bar and provide food service.

Oh, you guys are awesome!