You Can Now Buy Giant Shoe Beds For Dogs That Love Slippers

Dogs and cats love your shoes, right? Even larger breeds try to fit in your shoes or slippers. What makes these items so attractive for pets? If your pet really likes your footwear, you are reading the right article.

It’s time for your pet to have its own shoes. To sleep in. Companies are now making large shoes for all the pets who like sleeping in shoes/slippers. Cute.

The giant slippers actually look like Crocs, and dogs fit easily in them. They are available on Amazon UK, and come in pink, beige or yellow color. The price varies depending on the color. Yellow slippers cost $59.79, you can get the pink for $70.27, and for the beige you will have to spend $249.73.

The slipper-bed has a non-skid base, and the fabric won’t slide around. You can remove and wash the fleece liner. Oh yes, it’s resistant to odors.

According to Amazon reviews, this is a rather popular item.

One user said it’s a fun product that looks great. Your friends and family members will sure ask you about the price or the origin of the product.

The little shoe-bed is a great idea for every pet owner. It’s super cute and easy to maintain. One of the users say their tortoise loves it.

It’s time to pamper your pet, and these beds are the perfect way to do that.

Pet owners would do everything for their pets, and these beds are “a must.” Make sure you get one of these before winter. Your dog will love it, and your slippers will finally be free.