You Can Now Buy Freezable Bra Inserts To Stop Your Bo*bs Sweating in The Heatwave – And Shoppers Think They’re Amazing

Especially during the summer, women face numerous difficulties due to the heat, so if your tops get constantly drenched in sweat, a pair of freezable bra inserts will solve all your problems!

The product has come out with the very serious sounding ‘Cool58®’ Bra Coolers.

Women know from experience that the bo*bs are the hottest place on the body, and doctors can confirm it.  Therefore, sweating in the breast area is a valid problem that a lot of women face when the weather is too hot.

This means that these innovative cooling bra inserts can save many women these days.  They are sold by Polar Products and are especially helpful for women with larger bo*bs.

Also, they are re-usable and machine washable, made from cotton, and have cute covers for extra comfort.

The website explains that they freeze solid at a moderate and comfortable temperature of 58° Fahrenheit, so you can activate them in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water.

Just submerge them in ice water for about 20 minutes or place them in a refrigerator or freezer. Packs contain two pairs of coolers and one cover set and are available in a single set for cups A, B and C, and double set for D cups and above.

All you have to do is to pop them in the bra and you will discreetly avoid sweating in the heatwave! Women who have tried them claim that they are an instant way to cool down. They add that they are discreet, comfortable to wear, and really helpful. 

Therefore, try these freezable bra inserts out, and we believe you will wear them every single day!

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