You Can Buy A 215-Piece Clear Puzzle That Looks Like Shattered Glass

Jigsaw puzzles seem to keep people very occupied. They serve to give you some break from screens, and they are a really fun activity.

Today, there’s a lot of different and interesting types of them. Some them are: the one which has 51 300 pieces, the one which is completely clear, and this one right here, which takes puzzles to the next level – the shattered glass one.

Every one of us has shattered some glass, so we all know how difficult it is to pick up those pieces and make them fit together again. Well, here’s a puzzle which functions in the same way. Not only is the puzzle clear, but its box, too.

This hard-core puzzle has been made by YellDesign. There’s no real glass, but it surely looks like there is.

This puzzle named “The Accident” contains 215 unique pieces, which have to be connected and make a 23-inch by 21-inch puzzle that looks like it has been hit by a rock. It was designed by hand.

When you start, it seems easy and simple, but as you progress, it gets more and more difficult. According to YellDesign, this puzzle is hyper-challenging.

This broken-glass puzzle costs $58. So, make this quarantine time tolerable and spend your day trying to challenge your mind and put the pieces together.

If you don’t like complicated puzzles, some other puzzles made by YellDesign, which are easier than this one, are “The Fish Tank” and “The Virus”.