Would You Cycle For An Hour Every Day If It Powered Your Home For 24 Hours?

A man from India designed an electric bike that can power numerous poor homes with no or little electricity.

The world needs more people willing to use their power, mind, and wealth, and ease the lives of the less fortunate. This is what one man from India is trying to do by innovating various solutions to common problems.

His Electric -- Battery Equipped – Bicycles could provide free electricity to 1.3 billion people living without electricity due to extreme poverty. Meet Manoj Bhargava, the man who found a way to bring light to millions of very small homes with no or little electricity around the world in a completely free way!

He claims that The Hans Free Electric™ bike could cover the energy needs of a small home in rural India, lighting and other appliances for an entire day.

He says:

“The Free Electric is made with standard bike parts, which makes it easily fixable by any mechanic around the world. The bike is cheap, clean, and practical in terms of providing energy to those who need it most on a global scale. Our target is, to begin with India, but really it can be used anywhere. There are 1.3 billion people around the world who are still living without access to electricity.”

Bhargava dropped out of Princeton University after a year as he was bored, and continued to live in an ashram in his hometown in India for 12 years.

He uses his time to help his community and the poor. The electric bike is not his only innovation, as he struggles to make seawater drinkable, develops a way to boost body circulation, and tries to provide unlimited amounts of geothermal energy through a graphene cable.

He says:

“If you have wealth, it is your duty to help those who do not have it. Make a difference in people’s lives. Don’t just talk about it.”

When it comes to rural households in India, this bike “has enormous potential and opportunities”, according to Ajaita Shah, CEO of Frontier Markets, a company that sells solar lamps and lighting systems in India.

The pedal turns a generator that produces electricity, which is stored in a battery.

Bhargava said:

“It’s so simple that we think we can make it for $ 100. A bicycle repairman can customize it anywhere.”

Apart from this bike, the team of this amazing man has come up with innovative ideas in health, water, and energy. Their medical device “Renew ” acts as an auxiliary heart by sending blood from the legs to the body.

Moreover, they have also designed the “Rain Maker” as a way to deal with the drought. It converts 1,000 gallons per hour of all kinds of water to drinking water! Bhargava does not stop here either.

He dreams of making the world independent of fossil fuels, which emit greenhouse gases. He believes that pollution is our biggest problem, and not climate change. Therefore, his solution is this: draw the heat that is deep inside the Earth.

Geothermal energy is already widely used in some countries, but he has a new approach. Instead of using steam mixed with chemicals to bring this heat to the surface, Bhargava will pump it with a graphene cable, since the graphene is a great heat conductor, and it is more durable than steel.

He says that we won’t need to change the existing infrastructures once the heat is brought up. It could simply be distributed from existing units instead of coal, oil, or gas.

He maintains that in this way, geothermal energy could replace 85% of fossil fuels today. According to the maps, half of the world has so much underground heat, that could be distributed to the other half, with the help of graphene cables.

He even joked that “someone would kill him”, noting that this idea could disrupt the geopolitical map!

When asked about his charity work and his altruism, he simply replied:

“I like the job. Ιt is not retribution. It’s gotta be this, otherwise ‘what else’ can I do?”

Source: www.intelligentliving.co