Woman’s Head Almost Doubles in Size After Reaction To Hair Dye

A 19-year old woman, Estelle, shared her horrifying experience with an allergic reaction she developed after using a hair dye she bought at a local supermarket.

This English student in France claims it almost killed her, as she was struggling to breathe after her head enormously increased in size. This reaction was due to the presence of a chemical PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), which is regularly added to beauty products. 

This happened earlier this month, as she purchased the hair dye in the area of Val-de-Marne, and applied it according to the packet’s instructions. As instructed, she made the patch test, waited for 30 minutes instead of the recommended 48 hours, and the irritation on her scalp appeared almost immediately. The area started swelling, and she took antihistamines under medical advice. 

Yet, in the morning, her condition aggravated, and her head measured 24.8 inch/63cm, almost double the average 56cm. Estelle told Le Parisien: “I could not breathe, I had a light bulb head.”  When her tongue swelled, she was urged to the A&E, and she received an injection of adrenaline.

Fortunately, she completely recovered but claims that she can still see the outlines of the swelling. Estelle tells her story believing it was a mistake and hopes she can warn others to avoid the risks of PPD.

She says: “I almost died, I do not want it to happen to others.”

Hair dyes contain many dangerous chemicals, but this one is the main cause of allergic reactions. It is added to most shades of permanent color, especially dark shades.

Yet, its concentration is strictly limited at a maximum of 2% in any hair product, and the dye Estelle used had a 1% strength. However, all products that contain it need to include clear warnings and usage instructions to prevent such complications. This chemical is also used illegally in black henna tattoos offered at tourist spots.

Hair dyes contain numerous dangerous chemical and toxins and all of them have a negative effect on our health. Therefore, it would be best to limit the exposure to such products and avoid dying your hair.

You can find more photos here: Woman’s Head Almost Doubles in Size After Reaction To Hair Dye

Yet, Dr. Mercola advises:

“For those of you who are determined to use hair dye no matter what, well at least use these tips to minimize your risk:

1. Steer clear of the darkest shades. Although all of the shades use essentially the same chemicals, there’s quite a lot more of them in dark brown and black shades than there are in blonde, red or lighter shades.

2. Avoid permanent hair color, as they’re the most toxic. Semi-permanent and temporary colors are less so.

3. Look for natural brands of hair color that use henna, herbal dyes, and vegetable dyes as primary ingredients. These are likely to be much less toxic than the average hair color.

4. If you go to a salon, choose one that is toxin-free, odor-free, herbal, or caters to people with multiple chemical sensitivity and allergies. These salons tend to use less toxic products.”

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