Woman Stops Her Car To Help Dog Who Dropped His Stuffed Pig

Our adorable best friends are extremely happy when their life is filled with small and simple pleasures. Apart from their treats and fun playtime spent with their owners, what dogs really love are toys.

Usually, they have one toy that is special to them, and many believe that dogs bond to that one toy because it reminds them of a puppy. Therefore, losing the toy a dog is attached to is heart-wrenching, and every dog person in the world knows it.

While driving to her friend’s house, Claire Cummings from Basingstoke, England, saw a stuffed pig fallen on the sidewalk. When she looked in the rearview mirror, she noticed a dog leaning over a wall, attempting to get the toy back.

The dog has somehow dropped it over the wall and was hopefully looking for someone for help.  Yet, she explained that he was pretty patient, “ waiting on the wall like a good boy.”

Cummings said:

“He could have easily jumped over the wall he was leaning on to get it but has obviously been trained very well not to jump over the wall.”

As she has a dog walking company with her partner, Claire is a real dog lover, and immediately decided to solve the dog’s problem. She was aware of the fact that the loss of the favorite plaything can break a dog’s heart.

So, without thinking twice, she turned the car around, stopped, and went to return the stuffed pig to its furry owner.

Claire added:

“We are huge animal lovers and would have hated to have thought that he could be sitting there waiting and nobody would help.”

The doggo was ecstatic to get the toy back but accompanied the kind woman back to her car with his stare. When Claire drove away and peered back to see him, he was already gone, probably already playing with the toy back inside the house.

She wrote about the whole story in a post she shared on the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, adding that the dog was “thankful” for her help. She received some cuddles and hugs before she drove away.

Calling her a hero, netizens were pleased to read about such a small act of kindness that made the dog happy. The post quickly garnered around 30,000 reactions and 500 shares.

Bravo, Claire!