Woman Rejects Chemo, Overcomes Ovarian Cancer With Nutrition

When Evita Ramparte consulted her doctor about the constant pain she was struggling with, she was told that she had ovarian cancer. She was also told that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were the only options available, but Evita believed that there was something more that she could try.

Just to mention, Evita was living the same way most people do. She was eating unhealthy foods and did not exercise at all, so eventually ended up obese and unhappy.


Instead of following the mainstream recommendations, Evita decided to focus on changing her nutrition and lifestyle. That was the only thing that helped her, despite the fact that her doctors told her there was no cure.

First, she visited an alternative health professional. She was advised to start a Gerson-styled juicing regiment. She stopped eating processed foods, pizza and doughnuts, and switched to consuming fresh juices. At that point, she realized what it was like to feel healthy and happy.

Evita shared her experiences, and said that the juicing regimen helped her to eliminate around 16 stones from her gallbladder. These stones are made up of toxic materials that build up in the body and eventually the gallbladder may need to be removed surgically .

Evita’s new lifestyle helped her reveal her “true beauty,” —  one that she had never known. Because she looked healthier, lost the extra pounds naturally and had healthier looking skin, Evita also enjoyed the mental benefits gained from her new lifestyle.

This story confirms the old saying “you are what you eat.” Many studies have shown that dietary habits can really affect one’s physical appearance. Eating foods rich in nutrients influences the way your skin looks, and thus increases one’s overall level of attractiveness.

Moreover, eating such foods leads to a “rosy, yellow complexion” that is even more attractive than tanned skin. On the other hand, using synthetic and chemical-loaded ‘beauty products’ actually increases the risk of cancer.

The story of Evita is inspiring and we hope that it will make you use more natural substances to fight the diseases that are so prevalent in the U.S. and other nations around the world.

Source: worldtruth.tv
Reference (The Original article Source): tv.naturalsociety.com