Woman Refused to Give Her Grandpa a Kidney Because He Was a Pedophile. Now He’s Dead.

Our family is supposed to be our safe place, our support in life, the only post in the world where we feel completely protected, loved, accepted, and motivated.

Unfortunately, it can also be the root cause of all our frustrations, fears, traumas, and isolation. In this case, cutting toxic family members is a must, even though it is never easy to do so.

The Facebook group “I Dream of Being This Petty” shared a post about an unnamed woman who showed no remorse for declining to waste a perfectly good kidney on her dying grandfather.

As she explained, her decision was a result of the fact that he was a member of the KKK and a child molester.

Founded in 1866 by ex-Confederate soldiers and other Southerners opposed to Reconstruction after the Civil War, the Klan initially targeted blacks, but later broadened its message of hate to include Catholics, Jews, and foreigners, and promoted fundamentalism and devout patriotism along with advocating white supremacy.

She now works as a nurse and admitted that when she was 16, she was found to be the only match for kidney transplantation for her grandfather. Yet, she refused to give him a kidney, on the grounds that he was in the Klan and molested children.

On the day of his death, she registered as a live donor, and she will be donating to a complete stranger next year instead.

The post quickly went viral, and numerous users supported her for this decision, praising her courage to not help a bad person, but more importantly, that she decided to donate a kidney to someone else.

A healthy person who donates a kidney can afterward continue living a normal life with the one kidney, but the operation is major surgery for both, the donor and the recipient, and regardless of it, this woman is willing to save the life of a stranger in need.