Woman Looks Beautiful Than Ever After Deciding To Embrace Her Silver Hair

Overnight, the hair of Sara Eisenman, who was then 21, turned gray. The young woman had difficulties to accept being young, full of life, but with a silver hair, so she started dying it every two weeks.

She even colored her gray hair hours before she knew she would be going to labor with her first child, Abe, as she didn’t want visitors to see her like that.

Yet, at 37 years of age, after 15-years of coloring her hair at home, something changed, and Sara decided she wanted to be free, and enjoy her natural hair color.

She was now a mother of two, and proud of her hair, as it was her crown. Her husband, Hanan, supported her decision, but her friends told her that she would look like a witch.

Yet, she proved them wrong. She used this as an opportunity for a radical total self-rebirth, which manifested in myriad ways. She started wearing the clothing she always wanted to wear, in new color palettes, she experimented with new makeup shades and started using all manner of scarfs, headbands and messy up-dos.

During the transition, she was coming more alive and having more fun than ever.

Nowadays, at the age of 44, she is happy with her natural look and proud of her gray locks. She did not try to fit into society and follow the pretentious “beauty rules”. Sara was happy with her natural appearance.

She explained that she found the beauty of the silver hair, as it has a reflective, brilliant almost mirror-like quality to it. It was an amazing experience to discover the natural brilliance and magic to it, that is only dulled and deadened with dye.

Going gray was not easy, but embracing the change improved Sara’s life. She fought fake beauty standards and decided to be herself, free and beautiful in her way.

She explains that overwhelmingly, the response is extremely, powerfully positive. She says she feels like she is liberation walking around in human form, and her hair is a crown on the head that shows who she is and what she has done to become herself.

Sara adds that the empowered, embodied, the confident, authentic, free and wise elder woman is the cornerstone of a healthy society, and our society is in dire need of such women, as they hold the wisdom of the way forward.

Her story should serve as an inspiration, as we all need to learn to love and accept ourselves, as it is the only way to be fully happy in life.