Woman Drinks 3 Liters Of Water Every Day, And The Final Results Were Shocking

Sarah Smith, a 42 year old British and a mother of two, experienced constant headaches and indigestion. After the recommendation of her doctor, she decided to do an experiment, to drink 3 liters of water every day, in a period of 28 days. The results were amazing!

She admits that at the beginning she looked as if she was 52, meaning 10 years older than she actually is. The dark circles around her eyes made her look exhausted, and she also had deep wrinkles, red spots and glow-less skin. She practically looked dead, explains Sarah.


Even her lips were wrinkled, which is a classic sign of poor hydration. Every process in your body depends on water. It flushes toxins from the vital organs, transfers nutrients to cells, eliminates waste material…

Insufficient water intake weakens the organism. This gave her the will to start drinking 3 liters of water daily for 28 days, and the result was incredible!

“I felt much better after the first week.”

After the second week she noticed that the headache was gone, and even her digestion improved.

After 4 weeks her face looked completely different, like she was another woman. The dark circles were completely gone, so was the redness. Her skin became smooth and shiny, just like it had been when she was young. The transformation was astonishing.

She felt healthy, full of energy, with a few pounds less, which is incredible, because she did not change a thing, except she was drinking 3 liters of water everyday, which soon turned into an everyday routine.

Sarah advises every woman to do the same -- drink 3 liters of water daily and enjoy the results!

Source (with before and after pictures) : DailyMail