Woman Ate Only Bananas For 12 Days And The Picture Results Are Shocking

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘’going to a banana island’’? I ‘m sure you imagine sunny beaches, drinking colorful cocktails , enjoying the sun….

However, it doesn’t have the meaning that first came to your mind. Actually, it is a term commonly used to describe the consumption of only one fruit for a certain length of time. During this period, you aren’t supposed to eat any other food!  Yulia Tarbath decided to take this kind of ‘’fruit journey’’ by eating only bananas.

She and her husband are rather fond of a high-fruit and low-fat raw vegan lifestyle , so when she felt a need to give her health a boost , it wasn’t difficult for her to start this diet.

And why did she opt for bananas? As she says, they are easy for consuming , rich in nutrients and  very  affordable. In her opinion, greens can also be added to this diet regime but only one kind of green such as celery.

After 12 days of following a banana-only diet along with consuming great quantities of water , doing exercises and getting enough sleep, she noticed significant positive changes in her physical and emotional well-being.

In the  beginning, she  noticed improvement of  her digestion and she didn’t feel any complications at all. Bananas (one has about 12% of the FDA’s recommended daily value of 25 g)  which are known to be fiber-rich have the ability to regulate electrolytes and flush toxins from the body and thus help digestion.

In addition, she often  experienced a feeling  of calmness and peace as well as creativity on a higher level. . “I experienced tremendous mental clarity and focus,” says Tarbath. This feeling is due to banana’s levels of tryptophan and potassium  that aid cell communication while maintaining proper oxygen levels in the brain.

Feeling more energetic than ever before, she had her best results in fitness and her skin became softer an shinier. All in all, she enjoyed her life to the fullest.

Having a healthy  lifestyle allowed her to free herself of the complications that once troubled her: candida, hypoglycemia, food cravings and severe mood swings.

Her husband’s and her own life experience encouraged them to become Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioners , sharing their advice and ideas of health consciousness  to other people around the world.

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