With A Wingspan Of 7 Feet, The Harpy Eagle Looks Like A Person Dressed Up In A Bird Costume

The kingdom of birds is rich and diverse, and it additionally enriches the already abundant animal world. There are numerous different species of birds, all with their own peculiar features.

Have you ever seen a Harpy eagle? These massive birds look somewhat strange and even scary, and one might even say that they resemble a person dressed up in a bird costume!

Harpy eagles are the largest birds in the world and live in the rainforests around Central and South America. In Brazil, these birds are known as the royal-hawks.

There are two kinds of harpy eagles: the American and the Papuan types. These eagles are the most powerful raptors in the rainforests around the world. Although their population is not endangered, the numbers of Harpy eagles are drastically lower, due to human activity like deforestation and poaching.

Harpy eagles usually live in the tallest trees, in the canopy of lowland tropical rainforests,  and hunt tree-dwelling mammals like monkeys, sloths, and squirrels, and even other birds, snakes, and iguanas.

Their nests are constructed of sticks, plants, branches, and fur of the hunted animals.

Harpy eagles have 5-inch talons, and the females can weigh up to 20 pounds, which is twice the size of the males.

These eagles mate for life, and the females lay eggs every 2-3 years. The young birds learn to fly within 6 months, but often remain up to two years with their parents, until they become fully prepared to become fierce predators on their own.

The males hunt more frequently than females, but they hunt smaller prey. These birds can sit motionlessly and observe their prey for hours before they attack.

They can see 220 yards far, and once they spot their prey, they can chase it with speed up to 50 miles per hour.