Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers A Panoramic View Of The Sky

It is probably normal to dream of the impossible. When people believed they could never imitate birds, they invented the plane. Similarly, if you believed the experience cannot get any better- you are wrong!

Apparently, we can say goodbye to the era of fighting for the window seat, as we can all get the best view in a windowless plane!

The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology and research firm, is planning to create the future of transportation!

Based in north-east England, CPI is a member of the UK’s High-Value Manufacturing Catapult, which is aimed at triggering development in new and emerging technologies.

The concept is still in its design phase, but developers believe it could become the world’s first windowless commercial aircraft in the next ten to fifteen years. Instead of windows, the entire length of these futuristic planes will be covered in OLED touch screens, connected to cameras placed all over the outside of the plane.

In this way, the screens are planned to display a realistic view of what is going on around the plane outside.

OLED is an abbreviation for organic light-emitting diode, and a film is comprised of organic compounds that project light as a reaction to an electrical current

Passengers could look out at the view surrounding them, and if someone gets bored, the virtual windows can also be turned into an entertainment system as well.

The ones with middle or aisle seats would be able to access the futuristic system on a screen embedded in the head rest in front of them.

According to CPI, the fuselage would be lighter without windows which would, in turn, lead to fuel savings, fewer harmful emissions and lower operating costs for airlines.

Ultimately, this would help to lower fares and provide wider seats for passengers.

Back in June 2018, Emirates Airlines unveiled a new first-class suite on board their latest aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER, featuring virtual windows. The airline claims it makes flights lighter and faster.

Emirates president Sir Tim Clark reported that the images were “so good, it’s better than with the natural eye.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the future of air travel!