You Will Not Believe What Coffee Grounds Can Be Used For!

Sometimes you can still use some things you have already used once for some other purpose. One of these things are coffee grounds, which you can use not only to predict your future, but also for many other purposes.

Next time you drink a cup of black coffee with your friends, do not wash the cups right away, but keep the coffee grounds and use them for some practical purposes in your home.


Here are some suggestions:

Dry coffee grounds and keep it in the fridge to eliminate unpleasant odors. Coffee grounds can easily clean greasy surfaces. You can also use them in a combination with some detergent.

If you have flowers in your home, add some coffee grounds when you water them.

To keep your cat away from urinating all over the yard, sprinkle some coffee grounds and be sure that the smell will keep it away from your flowers.

If you can not get rid of the ants in your home, put some coffee grounds on the spots where they gather. You can also use coffee grounds to get rid of other insects.

Put some coffee grounds in hot water and you will get a brownish liquid, which you can later use to dye fabric.

If your wooden furniture is full of scratches, mix some coffee grounds, furniture polish and warm water, and rub the mixture on the damaged spots.

If you are cultivating carrots, mix some fresh coffee grounds and small carrot seeds before the sowing.

When cleaning the fireplace or the wood stove, sprinkle some coffee grounds over the ashes to avoid any mess you could make.