Wild Horse Gives Rescuer Kiss After Being Freed From Chains

Horses are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. These majestic creatures are noble and adventurous and love spending their time galloping and playing in the open fields.

The wild horses in the Delta Danube are among the last remaining populations of their kind throughout Europe. Unfortunately, they are often subjected to cruelty and are even slaughtered for their meat.

While patrolling the Letea area in Romania, Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinarian for the Four Paws team, saw a wild horse with the front legs chained together, which is a common, but highly uncomfortable and painful, restraint locals from the area use to prevent horses from running away.

To force the horse to do a sort of hop when attempting to run away, and thus slow her down, people have put chains around both of its front hooves. This is a very painful procedure, which can hurt both, the joins and the skin of the horse.

The veterinarian decided to shot the horse with a tranquilizer gun, to put her to sleep.

They also cover her eyes, to keep the horse restful, and calm.

The Four Paws vet started working on the wires using a pair of pliers. He wanted to eliminate the chains around the ankles.

During the procedure, the friends of the wild horse remain on the delta, like they are observing the work of Ovidiu. It even seems as if they’re silently thanking him.

When he was done, and as the wild horse becomes conscious again but is still drowsy, the cloth is removed.

The team remains by her side to make sure she can get up to its hooves. Rosu decided to help her regain his confidence, so he rolled her from her side onto the stomach, picked up one hoof, and placed it against the ground. He repeated the same with the other hoof.

When up, she was again free to roam the area together with his friends!

And it looked like she was thanking his savior, in the form of a kiss!


According to a Four Paws spokesman, the mare has now been marked so she can be identified in the future.

Watch the rescue job in the video below: