Why Your Outspoken And Blunt Friends Are Your Truest And Most Real Friends

“Seeing how people react to brutal honesty has made me think I can be even more brutally honest.” -- Davina McCall

The truth can often be unpleasant, especially when someone has the courage to tell it to our face. We all pursue truth, but are uncomfortable when others point out our flaws or mistakes.

The today’s world is full of fraud, fake people, misunderstandings, dishonesty, and lies, so we should learn to cherish those that are not afraid to speak the truth.

Even though bluntness is often mistaken for rudeness or unfriendliness, your blunt and outspoken friends might in fact be your truest friends.

These friends do not think twice before they tell you if you are going in a wrong direction in life. This might be embarrassing and even offending at times, but would you rather have someone to misguide you or lie to you?

Thanks to these people, you might avoid numerous mistakes in life, you might work harder to win, or you will just fortify your desire to succeed.

Here are 5 reasons why you should respect and keep these friends by your side:

  • With these friends, you can be sure that you won’t be backstabbed. They don’t gossip, nor try to manipulate you. They tell things straight to your face.  These friends will always defend you in your absence, and will never break your trust.
  • Blunt people won’t please you with their lies. They know that no matter how much the truth might hurt you, it is always better to know it. They always have your best interest at heart, so they won’t be at peace until you hear the honest truth.
  • These friends will always say what they have in mind, as they know that we should all define things in the right way, not to sugar-coat them. They are not afraid of being judged for their opinion, and they have nothing to hide. They know the importance of speaking up and voicing emotions.
  • Blunt and outspoken friends know the value of pure friendship. They will take you out of your comfort zone, and help you grow. They are always there when you need them, to advise you, help you, and support you. You can be sure that they will always tell you their honest opinion and suggest your shortcomings, but it will help you in the long run.
  • The pure-heartedness and honesty of these friends make them a perfect company. You will never be bored, and their strong personality will just brighten your mood. Plus, they are hilarious when a bit tipsy!

Therefore, you should be happy if you have a brutally honest friend, as these people are the purest ones you will probably meet in life.