Why Your Older Sister is Probably The Most Important Person In Your Life

Family ties are strong, and the ones between siblings are the strongest.

While I was blessed to be raised in the company of an older brother, my friend had a sister, and I remember thinking she was so happy to have a best friend at home every time she needed one.

Sisters share a special bond throughout life.

If you have a sister, we’ll give you several reasons to tell her how much you love her after reading this article:

-- Your sister will always be there for you no matter what, defending you, cheering you up, and supporting you

-- Your sister will always tell things in your face, honestly

-- Your sister understands you and your jokes, your facia expressions, your deepest fears your secrets

-Girls who have grown up with sisters develop into independent and ambitious women, as sisters encourage each other to pursue dreams and achieve goals in life

-- Whenever you need someone to talk to, when you are in trouble or have a fever, your sister will take care of you

-- Your sister will always love you, whatever you do. Her love is selfless and unconditional

Your sister will be the first person to help whenever you need her. You might have some disagreements, but your sister loves you and will do anything she can to see you happy and fulfilled.

Even scientists agree that sibling affection is very important in emotional development and growing up with sisters has positive effects.

Having a sister creates siblings who are more independent and set on achieving their goals. It has been found to reduces negative feelings in young teenagers and lowers the risk of feeling lonely, guilty, and unloved.

Scientists have also found that having a sister makes you a kinder, more balanced, and more empathetic person.

Moreover, not only do the siblings benefit from the presence of a sister but so does the entire family. Namely, families with at least one daughter are more likely to engage in conversation and express emotions.