Why You Should Start Your Day with Banana and a Cup of Warm Water

The “Inventor” of the fantastic breakfast consisting of a banana and regular water at room temperature, argues that this habit can significantly reduce your weight regardless of what you eat during the day.

The diet known as “Morning banana” is incredibly simple and easy to implement. The answer why this diet is so effective lies in the fact that bananas promote digestion and boost metabolism.


The second positive thing is that the banana is rich in a type of starch that has a low glycemic index, it is digested long, gives a feeling of satiety and partially blocks the absorption of carbohydrates.

Those who opt for this diet are advised to dine before 8 pm, and avoid dessert after dinner.

Dairy products and alcohol are prohibited. Moreover, bananas must be fresh, not baked or frozen.

Daily menu example:


1 or more bananas (until you feel full)

Cup of lukewarm water


Meal by choice with lots of fresh salads

Afternoon light snacks

Sweet snacks are allowed until 3pm, in case of hunger

Dinner (must be before 8pm)

Meal rich in vegetables

No dessert