Why Mosquito Bite Us?

Many of you would surely really enjoy spending some time outside when the weather is warm and pleasant, and probably a great number of you would not do it, in order to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes. You would rather stay inside, and endure the warmth, than to get
nibbled, isn’t that so?

However, it’s an unfair reality, but there exist people among us who have never been bitten by one of these evil, little bugs.  I believe the most of you haven’t even tried to find the answer to the following simple puzzle: why you’re in such a bothersome damnation while some of your friends are flawlessly fine.


Nevertheless, there are lots of misconceptions (and downright adorable myths floating around out there) for why some people are more susceptible to bug bites than others.

Luckily, a famous dermatologist in Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., clears up a thing or two.

Namely, research suggests that the primary cause of your susceptibility is the blood type, according to Tanzi. “We still don’t completely understand why or what the issue is with the blood type,” she says. “But it’s typically type O blood that attracts them.”

Furthermore, the blood isn’t the main thing making you suffer, however. “There are two things affecting everything here,” says Tanzi. “It’s also the fact that some people’s skin reacts more vividly than others.”

At the point, some individuals have a gigantic measure of swelling when nibbled, while others simply notice nibbles more in light of the fact that their skin responds more.

If you’re one of those people who get inflamed easily, you can prepare for battle with the little buzzers with some antihistamines in addition to your bug spray.

“Start taking them a couple days before you are exposed to avoid the swelling,” says Tanzi. “The histamines will stabilize in your system, and you won’t have the same wild reaction.”

So, before you go on the next- planned barbecue, excursion, or other open air occasion, think about popping as some over-the-counter sensitivity meds like Claritin or Zyrtec, and use them on the day of, as well.

This biological clarification may be less fun than some of those old wives’ stories.
No one can state for sure state that wearing certain colors of clothes or wearing flower perfumes makes you more alluring to mosquitoes.

Similarly, People would often say, ‘If you’re eating a lot of sweets, you’ll get them,’” says Tanzi. “But scientists don’t know if it’s diet-related.”

A study in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association discovered that mosquitoes favored landing on the arms of those study subjects after they had imbibed 350 milliliters of beer.

However, we must say that this research was conducted on 13 people only, and Tanzi says she hasn’t heard any confirmation that drinking beer increases your chances to get bitten by mosquitoes.

However, they warn that we should avoid wooded areas and grassy lands where there could be sand bugs.

However, this is the most valuable advice for all those who get bitten by mosquitoes, whether you are prone to them or not: Don’t scratch.
According to Tanzi, by scratching, you cause more injury to the range, which causes more swelling. You must remember that scratching or picking will just make it worse.

Source: www.healthadvisorgroup.com