Who Is The ‘Dumbest’ Person In This Picture?

During these challenging times, spending most of our time indoors, we have something that will jog your mind, instead of activating your body muscles!

The following picture is a real challenge! There are four men, sitting on a tree. The first one is just sitting there, and the other three are trying to cut different parts of the tree.

Who do you think is the dumbest of them all?

Look at their positions on the tree, analyze their facial expressions, see what they are doing. Note that falling from the tree will cause injury.

There are so many different interpretations of the picture, and there are at least two conclusions to this puzzle, each of them is based on a different premise. Therefore, the premise that you tend to gravitate will reveal something about you!

Let’s look at it a bit closer:

Person 1:

He is sitting away from the tree trunk, which is not a wise decision from the start. He is doing nothing while two others are trying to cut the branch he is sitting on. Judging from his facial expression, he is calm, or unaware of the danger he is facing.

If you chose this one, you are a person that is fully aware that nothing is going to resolve on its own, and lives life led by logic and reason.

Person 2:

This person keeps doing his job and ignores the one that is trying to cut him down. He is a symbol of those people who are prepared to take a risk just to succeed.

Yet, such people don’t think too much about the decisions they make before they make them, and fail to see the bigger picture, which can cost them a lot in the future.

Person 3:

This person will probably come out of it all alive before anybody else. He will injure at least one of the men, but ignores the person behind him. In real life, he will end up in jail.

Many choose this man because they believe that he will end up the worst, as there is justice. This man is the most malicious of them all, as he attempts to harm two people. On a metaphysical level, “bad karma” could cause bad luck or unfortunate events throughout his life.

If you have chosen this answer, you are likely supportive of time-honored moral or civil institutions and traditions.

Person 4:

This person will injure himself only, and at least he is not putting anyone else at risk. He will get out of the situation leaving the least repercussions behind. Yet, he does not pick the means.

Many believe that this man symbolizes a rebellious person, who will do whatever he has to do to prove a point.

Did your opinion change now?