Who Can Say They Love Being A Grandma?

Grandparents and kids develop a special bond, different from any other we know in life.

I remember my grandmother saying that, even though she suspected it when she was younger, she eventually understood the words of her own parents, who told her that they somehow love their grandchildren stronger than they ever loved anyone else, including their own children.

This love is undoubtedly different, spiced with the wisdom of old age, all life experiences, the stronger need for love as years pass by, and the desire to be child again and again.

Parenthood is the biggest blessing in life, but seeing your own child becoming a parent is priceless! Therefore, they feel twice the love!

People become more open-minded and less judgmental as they age. At a time when they no longer need to be disciplinarians and can freely spoil their loved ones, grandparents allow themselves to simply live and enjoy time without focusing on many rules and restrictions.

Therefore, they become caring, loving, fun, and supportive guides in the life of the child.

Grandparents are always there for the family. No matter how old or busy they are, they won’t abandon a grandchild in need. They helped our parents when they needed it.

Our grandparents provide us with our roots, teach us the importance of family, tradition, and true values in life.

They nurture the moral imagination of their grandkids, which is not created by discipline and orders, but by fostering empathy, knowledge, perspective, and agency.

Dr. Karl Pillemer of Cornell University says:

 “Research shows that as many as 9 out of 10 adult grandchildren feel their grandparents influenced their values and behaviors. Grandparents transmit to their grandchildren the values and norms of social order.”

As they grow old, their circles are shrinking, and their children and grandchildren occupy an even larger space in their lives. The bonds they have established early just become stronger and lasting, and survive the passage of years and the many changes the different generations go through.

The love of our grandparents is unconditional, and they won’t think twice before they make a sacrifice for our wellbeing.

If you are lucky enough to have a grandparent still with you, make sure you regularly show you love and care. The elderly often get lonely and neglected, so call and visit them whenever you can, and let them know how important they are in your life.