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When Your Mother Is Gone You Will Realize She Was Your One True Friend

Mothers love, give, forgive, advise and respect without a second thought, forming an unbreakable bond with their children.

“I love you every day. And now, I will miss you every day.” – Mitch Albom

Mothers become your best friends at some point in your life, preparing you for all the challenges life throws at you. A mother never puts down her kids. She sacrifices herself to give them a better future. She tears her heart in pieces just to give them warmth and love.

Teens won’t agree on this one. But, mothers want the best for their babies.

They give up on their dreams and desires at the very same moment they lay their eyes on the two lines on their pregnancy test. You will understand this later in life or maybe after they are gone. Mothers plan their life to meet the needs of their children.

Your mother is your best friend and your bond becomes stronger over the years

You are no longer afraid to talk about all your problems and worries. You are open and honest about your life and your dreams. Yes, you finally understand that your mother is the best listener you will ever get.

Moms are available 24/7

Call her in the middle of the night. Unlike most of your friends, your mom won’t get mad. She will come over whenever you need her help. She won’t hang up the phone.

Nourish the friendship you have with your mother before it’s too late. She is your greatest fan. She was by your side when you struggled. Your mom soaked up your tears with her warm embrace. In good and bad, your mom always shows up.

Your first heartbreak? She healed your heart and helped you get up.

The best companion in life

A loyal friend that never disappears. Your mom knows what’s best for you and she will keep talking about it until you get the point. She will give you shelter when life gets hard. Thunderstorms only make her stronger. She is like a shield you can use every time life throws rocks of disappointment at you.

Hug your mom before it’s too late

Losing a mother is like losing a limb. Embrace your guardian angel and talk day and night. Speak your mind and listen to what she has to say about your problem or plan. Trust her love and experience.