When This Adorable Dog Learns How To Slide In The Park’s Playground, He Doesn’t Want To Stop [Video]

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a dog is- playtime!

Dogs are simply the best companions! These fun-loving mates would gladly spend their days playing around with us. Yet, I haven’t seen a dog that loves going down the slide, have you?

When Anabela Cohen and her son went to the park near their home in Argentina, they witnessed a rather unusual sight- a dog was enjoying her time along with several kids at the playground.

Yet, the strange thing about it was that she entertained herself by going up and down the slide all on her own!

Cohen said:

“I’d never seen anything like it.”

No one seemed to mind that the dog kept using the slide without leaving any opportunity for the kids to do so too.

“The crowd of kids were happy to just watch. Even my son, who was playing nearby, stopped to see the show.”

She soon learned that the dog was named Berta, and after watching her school-aged owner sliding, she uses every chance she gets to enjoy the thrill herself.

However, no matter how regularly she does it, seeing Berta sliding is something Cohen will not soon forget:

She said:

“I thought it was amazing.”

I bet Berta’s family is fascinated to have such a unique pet in the house!

Numerous families have dogs as pets since having a dog helps kids develop respect for living things, kindness, and understanding. Moreover, when having a pet, children learn of responsibility, and dog companionship can boost the social skills of a child.

Children and dogs develop a strong bond, and Dr. Gail Melson, Professor Emerita in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Purdue University, explains:

“When a dog comes into a family now, they’re coming into a role already set up for them as a companion. And they are thriving in that role.

So, instead of retrieving game for hunting ancestors, they now fetch sticks and balls to the delight of kids everywhere. And instead of paying attention to subtle cues from a shepherd, they watch and listen attentively as a child tells them their secrets.”