What’s The Key To Happiness? Stay Away From Assholes

Everything in the world is energy, so when surrounded by a negative one, our life starts moving in the wrong direction.

Toxic people are unfortunately everywhere around us, spoiling our days, affecting the team atmosphere at the workplace, criticizing, discouraging us to pursue our dreams, conflicting our ideas, focusing on our failures, and ruining our happiness.

Therefore, you are not the wisest person in the world if you already know that staying away from these people is the key to happiness.

I know it is far from easy to declutter toxic people in life, but here are some tips:

  • We all change with time, and our goals and aims in life change as well. Relationships come to a natural end as a result, so keep in mind that it is absolutely okay to walk away from people that no longer suit your journey.
  • Toxic people might look charming and friendly at first. Yet, there are signs that guide you. Stay away from people who seem aggressive towards others, as they will become aggressive towards you as well. Also, avoid people who gossip and talk behind other people’s backs, as they will do the same with you when you are not around.
  • When you cannot avoid them, for instance, if you work with them or they are close relative, prepare for your encounters. Learn the lines and prepare your responses in advance.
  • When there is no way out, and it seems you are stuck with them forever, it is time to blow them off. These people behave in those ways just because they need attention, so ignore them and they will soon become disinterested in you.
  • To avoid drama, slowly phase out contact with the toxic people, so the relationship will fizzle out on its own.

Before you make a final decision, it would be nice to sometimes give them a chance as even toxic people can change.

Yet, attorney Athena Ponce warns:

“I’m not saying you should shun anyone with bad habits. But there are some people who become defensive, combative, and full of excuses when you point out obvious, severe lapses in judgment in attempts to help them….

If having to provide support for people who act this way causes you stress and never-ending frustration, it’s best to stay away. They have no intention of growing as people.”

To make yourself happier, surround yourself with positive and supportive people, ones that believe in you and encourage you. Positive people are there to cheer you, love the smile on your face, and boost your confidence.

Eternal optimists will always be there for you as they’ve got your back. These fantastic people love life and will only enrich yours.