What Is A Balanced Nutrition ?

Speaking of healthy lifestyle and maintaining optimal body weight, we often come across the term balanced diet. Have you ever wondered what does balanced nutrition mean? By balanced nutrition we refer to proper nutrition, including many smaller meals throughout the day and having balanced diet means consuming all the necessary products. Our body needs 40 different nutrients used for the growing process, tissue renewal and daily energy supply.

Here is a list of the most important nutritive components needed by every organism:

Water presents the essence of our life and constitutes the largest part of our body. Water is an integral part of lumphatic system and blood and with its help the necessary nutrients are delivered to each cell in our body. Water also helps discharging unnecessary and harmful substances from the body.

Proteins-affect tissue growth and recovery. In addition to this, protein assist in the production of hormones and enzymes  necessary for normal function of all processes in the body. Proteins can be found in: meat, fish, milk, dairy products, eggs, nuts, beans …

Vitamins and minerals are needed in very small quantities and therefore are called micronutrients. Vitamins and minerals help the normal growth and function of the body and protect us from many diseases.

Carbohydrates  are the main source of the energy our body needs. There is a variety of healthy food that contain carbohydrates, including whole grains, seeds, plant-based foods, but the best source of carbohydrates are potatoes.

Fiber can be found in those parts of the products excluded from the cooking process. Fiber favorably affect the digestive system, blood vessels and heart.


Our body needs all of the previously listed nutritive components and science helped us come to the proper proportionate doses of these nutrients.

When some of the necessary ingredients is insufficiently brought into the body different infections and diseases attack the organism.

Modern fast food (in developed countries), the body absorbs more than the necessary: fat, protein, cholesterol, sugar and salt. This type of diet leads to obesity and health deterioration. Obesity has become a “disease” of modern world and most of the cases are noticed in America and gradually spreaded in other developed countries.

This facts lead us to the importance of the balanced diet and to the conclusion that by consuming all the necessary products in required portions we can sure enjoy our healthy life and prevent obesity.