What Happens To Our Body After We Drink Coca-Cola?

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Have you ever wondered why you drink Coca-Cola (or any other Cola) with joy? It is because it acts like a drug, even though cocaine has not been used in the production of this drink for more than 100 years.


10 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

You have just consumed 10 tsp of sugar. But you will not throw up because of the phosphoric acid which lowers the sweet taste.

20 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

The amount of sugar in the blood increases suddenly and causes insulin explosion. Our liver reacts by turning blood sugar in fat (in this moment the liver is too busy).

40 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

Caffeine consumed through Coca-Cola is completely absorbed. Eye pupils grow, blood pressure increases, and as a result the liver pumps even more sugar in the blood stream. Adenosine receptors (found in the brain) are blocked and we do not feel dizzy.

45 minutes after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

Body increases dopamine production, which stimulates joy center in brain. Heroin has the same effect.


1 hour after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

Phosphoric acid reacts with calcium, magnesium and zinc in colon, causing additional explosion in metabolism. Large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners complicate this condition even more and also increase the release of calcium in urine.

More than an hour after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

Diuretic effects of caffeine affect our body (increased need of urinating). In this phase all calcium, magnesium and zinc amounts, meant for our bones and body, as well as natrium electrolytes, are released from the body.

2 hours after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

The chaos in our body calms and we start feeling the lack of sugar. In this moments you are easily irritated and upset. By now you have released all the water from the Coca-Cola. But this water has previously connected to the most important substances in our body necessary for our teeth, bones and nerves. This is the main reason why in this moment your body does not have the minerals necessary for normal function.

Few hours after drinking Coca-Cola (0.25)

The new habit you have created makes the organism feel the lack of caffeine and need for another dose of Coca-Cola.