What Did You See First? Let’s See What It Says About Your Unique Personality Traits

How you do perceive the world says pretty much everything about yourself. But you already knew this one, right? Your perception sometimes changes, and this change is usually caused by visual, audible or physical stimuli.

What about your subconscious mind?

Psychologists have been trying to dig deeply into the subconscious mind. Subconscious is still a mystery for experts, although they have tried to touch some of its nearest points.

Your deep desires, thoughts and dreams create your subconscious.

Take a look at this photo. What was the first thing you noticed?

1. Trees

You are probably an extrovert who is kind to strangers and polite to people in your surrounding. However, you do have a limit. You don’t tolerate mockery and can’t stand when someone pushes you around.

You are a sensitive person who feels for others. People don’t really believe that you care, but you care what others think of you.

You are surrounded by a lot of people, but just a few of them are your best friends. These people are real and don’t try to play with you. Your intuition is strong and you’d rather show your emotions. You don’t trust others, and people see you as a mystery. You are open to new ideas and give your best to succeed in your plans.

2. Roots

You are an introvert who acknowledges mistakes and accepts constructive criticism. You always leave a wrong impression. “When I met you, I didn’t think I’d like you.” you get this a lot. Your personality is huge, and you are wise.

When it comes to tasks, you are diligent. You will finish pretty much anything that pops in your mind. Your morals and principles lead you in life. You know what you want. That’s an awesome thing.

People will love you because you are an independent and responsible person. You always try to become a better person, but your low self-esteem is killing you sometimes. Your true friends will love you for who you are and they will always remind you of your brilliance.

3. Lips

Many perceive you as a simple and quiet person. You are fine with average life and flexibility is one of your virtues.

You are a wise person who is sometimes naïve. Your thoughts aren’t bad and your intentions are always good. But, some people see you as a weak person who needs help. You can deal with pretty much every problem on your way.

Complicated relationships aren’t your thing and you prefer honesty. You will always have people coming at your door for an advice. Your opinion matters.