What Can Your Nails Tell About Your Character

This test can show a lot about you. It’s very easy. Take a look at your nails and attempt to recognize their shape – the picture underneath will be useful.
On the off chance that you can’t discover your type, pick the particular case that looks mostly like yours.

  1. Long nails, rectangular shape

On the off chance that you have these nails, you are presumably an exceptionally social and open individual, who in addition to other things has a sharp mind.
You discover fulfillment in new companions and anticipate other experiences. Additionally, you are continually attempting to expand your points of view. In terms of a vocation, your motto is: “Measure it three times, cut it once.”
You contemplate the issue from all points of view, and pick the ideal resolution. It is critical to consider it all, to each subtle element.

  1. Wide, flat nails

You are a man with a reasonable personality, who evaluates everything and everybody. You think before you talk, and individuals who regularly need you for guidance, listen attentively to your opinion. You comprehend the character of the individuals well, and they can simply depend on your instincts.
You generally like to make something new, realizing that work will without a doubt pay off later. Above all else you are interested in comfort and utility, in light of the fact that you cherish finding wise answers for complex issues.

  1. Short, round nails

There is an incredible chance that you are fiery, inventive individual with (perhaps concealed) abilities.
You are emanating with satisfaction and uplifting state of mind, in this manner individuals enjoy contacting with you. You stay unwavering of a friend all your life, and you are doing everything to take care of your loved ones.
Several things you adore most on the planet. You are an adventurer, and on the off chance that you wish to have something, you won’t quit until you get what you need. Some find this as being stubborn; however you are a determined and persistent person.

  1. Uneven and short nails

Can it be that your nails are uneven in light of the fact that they you frequently bite them? At that point you are likely an extremely emotional and wise individual.
You nurture the relationships with your old friends, but also constantly make new ones. Your motto is: “Still waters run deep.”
You can look peaceful from the outside, and at the same time feel a storm of emotions inside. Your friends consider you as a very honest person, who always tells the truth, even when it’s bitter.

  1. Large, rectangular nails

You’re an extremely valuable person and a good leader, with a great sense of responsibility.
People trust you with important meetings, in light of the fact that they all know they can rely on you. When you’re doing something – you do it appropriately.
Be that as it may, you are not just diligent and dedicated; you are a constructive individual who cherishes great organization.

  1. Triangular nails

You’re fearless and persistent, who dependably comprehends what she/he needs. You accept each and every assignment energetically.
Regarding the matter of business, your motto is: “Work with ease, do not spend a lot of effort,” because before you start, you always think about the work.
Your hard work always pays off.

  1. Oval and long nails

On the off chance that your nails are oval, then you are most likely an inventive individual. You have a decent creative ability, and you’re lucky in the event that you are encompassed by beautiful things. People rely on you, especially to calm them down.
Some say that you work too much, but they don’t get that you really enjoy it.
You’re a kind of person who avoids ordinary things, and always find creative resolutions.
Your motto is: “If you work- you work, if you rest – then you rest.” You life is anything but boring, and you know how to be happy.
Note: Remember that every individual is special and unique, and this is just a sweet effort to categorize.
Source: goodmorningcenter.com