What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin B3?

VitaminB3 is one of the 8 B vitamins that is also known as niacin.

Niacin belongs to the group of the B complex vitamins and act great on our overall health. It’s quite efficient when it comes to reducing and controlling the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The niacin is a vitamin with therapeutic qualities and can help us to treat many complaints and illnesses. Simply say, niacin is a vitamin B3, which is extremely important for the proper functioning of our body.

The most common shapes which is represented the niacin are: Nicotinic acid and niacinamide. When it comes to maintaining proper cell metabolism and absorption of carbohydrates, niacin is considered one of the crucial substances.

-- Positive effects

This vitamin is mostly present in dairy products, poultry, fish, nuts and fatty meat. If you are a vegetarian, you should eat much larger quantities of nuts, to have no problems with the lack of niacin.

Also foods that are rich in niacin are: potatoes, corn, avocado and peas. When it comes to the numerous positive impacts of this vitamin to our general health it is necessary to mention improving circulation, maintaining the health of skin and encouraging and strengthening mental abilities and memory.

Niacin is also highly useful factor in the process by which it comes to creating additional energy necessary for work cells and body. It is effective for the treatment of respiratory and circulatory disorders and diseases.

-- Digestion and increase the secretion of stomach fluids

Another in a series of positive characteristic of this vitamin is its potential to make even better functioning of the digestive system, and it is known that improving digestion, leads to beautiful skin and shiny appearance.

Niacin plays an important role in normalizing the secretion of stomach fluids, so it contributes to better digestion. Except that, stimulates our appetite, and work on the nerves.


-- Regulation of blood cholesterol

It is known that a number of persons who suffer from heart disorders and heart disease are recommended higher dose of niacin, as it helps in reducing and regulating bad cholesterol in the blood. Niacin also helps in the prevention of useful cholesterol levels, which can prevent disease of the artery walls.

-- Other positive effects of niacin

Apart from the mentioned positive effects, this vitamin is crucial in the treatment of palegra, as well as numerous skin and nervous disorders.