Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe that Fight Cellulite

Many people on an anti cellulite diet have found that they can enjoy the benefits of delicious weight loss smoothie recipes.  Here’s one of them:


  • Yogurt -- Regulates the digestion, and melting the fat
  • Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or currant -- Powerful antioxidants rich with vitamin C, which is helping in collagen production
  • Ginger -Improves circulation
  • Banana -- Contains large amounts of potassium which keeps the water retention in the body


-In a blender add the cold yogurt and optionally a few cubes of ice.

Add little ginger and your combination of fruits chopped into cubes. Mix it well and serve it in a bowl.

Ginger has a strong flavor, so use small pieces. Feel free to add natural juice in this frappe, or add little cinnamon or peppermint.

Start your morning with this frappe, and have a hand of dry nuts and grains.

Try to make your weight loss smoothies to fight cellulite have lots of berries in them, or other antioxidant rich foods, such as: bananas and oranges.