We Lose Interest In Those Who Take Us For Granted

“They say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’ The truth is, you knew exactly what you had. You just didn’t think that you were going to lose it.” ~Unknown

While this is a wisdom that we gain over the years, we all eventually learn to practice self-love. Then, all those who fail to see the real us, who do not accept us as we are, take us for granted and don’t genuinely love us, stop being so important in our lives.

The attraction we once felt for them is eventually gone. We lose interest in people who can never accept our flaws, who ridicule our fears and insecurities, those who don’t keep their promises and see us as replaceable.

We all have our weaknesses and we all make mistakes. Yet, it is their selfishness that has actually made them look unattractive in the end.

Those people who don’t get excited when we meet, who make us feel like we have to earn each crumble of their attention, and do not treat us with compassion and dignity, do not deserve to be in our lives.

These people treat us with disrespect, take advantage of our good nature, look down upon us, and make us crawl for their time and love. Over time, we stop caring for those that are not afraid to lose us, and have never appreciated us in the first place.

This hurts. Deeply.

That is why, after numerous struggles to win their affection, we grow apart from them. This is a valuable lesson we all learn in life. These selfish people should not be let undervalue us.

We stop caring about the people who disrespect us and don’t treat us with dignity and compassion.

In case you are the one who keeps doing this mistake and fail to respect others, make sure you learn your lesson too before it is too late and you lose someone really important.

It is easy to get used to all the sweet gestures people do for you, but you should never take them for granted. Thank all those people who love you for all their care and support, do something nice for them, tell them how much you respect them.

None of them is obligated to treat you with love, care, affection, and kindness. They will eventually get tired of trying to show you their love, in case you give them nothing in return.

Instead, recognize their efforts and be grateful for everything they do for you.

Source: thepowerofsilence.co