We Are All Connected

We are all unique, with our own beliefs, values, struggles, ambitions, experiences, and hopes in life. Has someone told you that you are an old soul?

If they have, you will surely find the following problems familiar:

1. You have always had troubles fitting in, and felt like an outcast your entire life. Old souls are pretty rare to meet. You might feel isolated from the rest just because you see the world differently, and do not admire and value the same standards as the rest of the world.

2. You are often mentally and emotionally drained and experience existential crises, so it is very important to start loving and appreciating yourself more.

3. People cannot truly understand you, and often label you wrong. Others usually categorize you as a nonconformist or an oddball, and you might even be called an “age freak”, “anarchist”, or a “hippy”.

4. You do not engage in trivial conversations and hate superficial small talk. When you speak, it seems that people do not understand what you are talking about. You are a strong communicator with excellent verbal skills. You feel like you are much wiser than your age, and you are often misunderstood.

5. You are a devoted activist or a volunteer, as you feel like it is your obligation to leave the world a better place than it was before you.

6. You find dating challenging. It is very difficult to find a soulmate, similar to you, and able to understand you completely. Yet, you would now lower your standards. You do not understand shallow flirting, playing games, and stringing others along.

Remember, you are like a diamond, rare and difficult to find, but incredibly valuable, so don’t let anything or anyone take away your sparkle!