Watermelon – Healthy & Sweet

Watermelon Health Benefits

Watermelon has very positive effect on the body when it comes to acne, anemia, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, gallbladder disease, diseases of the teeth and oral cavity, heart diseases and blood vessels, bronchitis, headache, excessive weight, loss memory, diabetes, depression, impotence, kidney stones, hang, some kinds cancer, infertility, burns, decreased immunity, increased temperature, high cholesterol, colds and flu, bladder and urethra problems, the joints, digestive problems, blood pressure problems, metabolism, prostate problems, problems in pregnancy, anti sunburn, anti-aging, various infections, stress, insect bites, skin inflammations, hemorrhoids , herpes, chronic fatigue and cellulite.

Watermelon can be used as diuretic. Watermelon positively affect if you have burns or some skin diseases. Make watermelon juice and place it on burns.
Watermelon improves PH value of blood and also clears the blood vessels of fatty deposits.

People with diabetes and those people who have problems with triglycerides, should keep track of the amount of watermelon that they eat.


-Watermelon is amazing and very useful fruit, natural remedy for detoxification and antioxidant (for prevention of many diseases), so it is recommended to use in daily diet.

During the summer, when we are sweating, the watermelon can give us the lost fluids and minerals.