Watch What Happens When You Dunk a McDonald’s Cheeseburger in Stomach Acid

Food experiments have been quite popular lately, especially those including the world popular ‘junk food.’

This time it is an experiment conducted by a group of researchers from The university of Nottingham, in order to see what actually happens in the stomach after you eat a cheeseburger, and in this case it is a McDonald’s product.

For more plausible effect, the cheeseburger was soaked in concentrated hydrochloric acid, and the result? More than disgusting!

Hydrochloric acid is responsible for major part of the digestive process in the body. It belongs to the group of binary acids, and it is one of the strongest inorganic acids. Hydrochloric acid has the task to create ideal conditions for the digestive enzymes so they can process the food, and also ‘kill’ the bacteria.

This acid is extremely corrosive and it is largely used in the industry. However, it does not damage the stomach because it is covered with a thick layer of protective mucus.

But, despite the concentration of the acid, you have most probably noticed that the cheeseburger does not decompose completely, and probably it happens due to the large amount of fat it contains.