Volunteers All Over The World Are Taking The Elderly On Rickshaw Rides Out in Nature

Cycling Without Age is one of the greatest project these days. In 2012, Ole Kassow started the movement in Denmark. The whole thing started with the idea of helping elderly use bicycles again.

However, age is such a terrible thing, and restricts movement. Ole had to find a solution to the limited mobility issue. Then came the idea of using a trishaw!  It was the perfect piece for the project, and Ole used one to offer free bike rides to elderly in local nursing homes.

Today, the idea developed in the Cycling Without Age movement, and it’s supported by 38 countries.


Nature is heaven on Earth

Many elderly are unable to take a walk in nature, and cycling is never an option. Friends and family take elderly in nature by car or just sit in restaurants. Cycling Without Age gives elderly an opportunity to enjoy nature. Taking a ride in nature is such a freeing experience.

Volunteers from every part of the world take elderly in nature. This project brings benefits to both sides, and everyone gets to enjoy nature.

Dutch Marian and many other volunteers used to take their parents out on a bike, and they keep doing the same with other people.

It’s easy and freeing

There are slight differences in each country, but the process is based on the same principles. Volunteers sign up to be trained by a ‘pilot.’ They learn how to handle “a loaded rickshaw.” Riding a bike with a person in the rickshaw is more difficult than riding your regular bike.

Volunteers ride empty rickshaws and then carry the pilot in it. The first passenger jumps aboard under the guidance of a pilot.

Volunteers can take elderly for a walk as often as they like. The appointments are made ahead of time or they just go to a care home and ask if someone is interested for a ride in nature.

The benefits of Cycling Without Age are offered in 1,100 chapter locations across the world. There are 1,500 trishaws and 10,000 pilots to provide maximum benefits for everybody.

This is one of the most incredible project created in service of elderly. Old people are usually left in care homes, and most people forget about them. Luckily, this movement is making these people happy, and hopefully, it will expand even more.

Would you take part in such movement? It’s definitely good to see someone smiling all the time. Elderly need all the love in this world, and these pilots are doing a perfect job.