Viral Video Of FAILED ARMED ROBBERY Shows The Bad Guy Squealing Like A Pig While Running Away

An armed robbery gone wrong: Teen trying to rob a man in broad daylight gets what he deserves.

A video getting extremely popular on the internet shows armed teenage boys attempting to rob a person in the middle of the day. But, as Blaze Media reports, the criminal act goes terribly wrong for the aggressor. Within moments, the teenager goes from a confident guy with a gun to a crybaby.

The video clip of the failed robbery attempt was posted on the subreddit “Public Freakout,” which has over 3.2 million members. After that it spread all around social media, being watched millions of times.

According to the person who put the video on the internet, the incident happened in San Leandro, CA.

In the video, a teenager in a white T-shirt can be seen running towards a man in the street. The teen then attempts to frighten the man and rob him by pulling out a gun.



Yet, the situation changes in a blink, as the man manages to hit the gunner with a punch, lock him up in a bear hug, and get him on the ground squeaking like a piglet. The other teenager screams from a safe distance: “Let him go! Let him go!” while watching the whole thing.

After the robber makes series of squeaking noises, the man releases him and lets him go along with his friend. Then they run away, clearly regretting their attempt.

People argue in the comments that the man should not have set the robbers free. One of them said:

“F**k letting him go, next time he will try a woman or elderly folks. I get it by that b***h scream he is most likely a teen but if you’re man enough to pull up on people then you’re man enough for a few broken bones that will heal while you wait in jail.”

Some people compared the strange squealing noises from the teenagers to a young owl’s cry for help, with others saying they resemble an injured pig. 

However, one person explained it just about right, saying:

“That’s the sound of regret.”